The Mason Jar Lager Co | Southern Hospitality in Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina, NC
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Thursday  4pm – 11pm
Friday  3pm – midnight
Saturday  noon – midnight
Sunday  1pm – 8pm

Beer Specials



New small batch releases at 5pm!

New Beer Each Friday

Our Brews


Lager – Helles – 4.5% ABV

Our Helles recipe was designed to transport you to your happy place. This is the beer you crave on the beach in the summer, after you finish mowing the lawn, or the beer you can’t wait to enjoy after a long day at work. As a Munich Helles style lager, Happy Place is a malty-sweet, easy-drinking beer. It is full of flavor, but Medium-bodied, with a biscuity, dry finish. At just 4.5%, feel free to responsibly enjoy a few pints of this refreshing beer. Wherever you are, we hope this beer makes your happy place just a little closer!


Lager – IPL (India Pale Lager) – 6% ABV

When brewing lagers, patience is certainly a virtue! Our IPL (India Pale Lager) is no different, as it sits in fermentation vessels for four weeks to enhance the malt characteristic in the beer. With notes of pineapple and citrus, Virtue IPL provides a contrast between hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness. Featuring Centennial and Mosaic hops, you might taste hints of lemon, some grassy notes, and a floral aroma.


Bock – 5.5% ABV

Small Town Bock is a deep amber color with aromatic notes of toasted bread crust and brown sugar. Small Town is medium to medium-full-bodied with a malty sweet, lingering finish. You may notice slight notes of alcohol that are quickly balanced with a bready, caramel aftertaste. At 5.5% ABV, this beer is best consumed with friends and family around a great meal. It will pair well with almost any dish and it goes best with great conversation at your favorite small town tavern.


Schwarzbier – 5.0% ABV

Stick Barn is our ode to the rich tobacco industry history in North Carolina. This black lager has a unique tobacco nose. Don’t let the color fool you. This beer is actually light-bodied but still full of flavor. Our brewer uses mostly pilsner malts but adds dark, roasted malts for flavor and color. This provides a nice dark chocolate bitterness with a dry, espresso finish while making it a beer that drinks easier than a porter or stout. This beer leaves a dark caramel and toasty flavor. Stick Barn proves you shouldn’t judge a beer by is SRM!

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“There’s always something happening around a beer.”

Upcoming Events

Music Bingo
Every Thursday with $4 Pints

bRUNch Club
Run club meets every Sunday at 1pm


10/18 Boy Band Yoga 6PM-7PM
10/20 Ghostbusters Movie Night 6PM-9PM
10/25 Boxing and Brews 6PM-7PM
10/27 OklagerFest 12PM-6PM
11/3 Food Cupboard Night 5PM-9PM
11/4 Cars and Jars Auto Show 1PM-6PM
11/18 Turkey Shoot 1PM
11/21 DrinksGiving 4PM-11PM
11/29 Boxing and Brews 6PM-7PM

Food Truck Schedule

10/12 Mr. Puebla Tacos 5PM
10/13 Big Mike’s BBQ 5PM
10/18 The Potato Wagon 5PM
10/19 Rare Earth Farms 5PM
10/20 Curry In A Hurry 5PM
10/25 Hale Yeah Kitchen 5PM
10/26 Longleaf Swine 5PM
10/27 Jeffrey’s Grill and Merry Franksters 12PM
11/1 Spanglish 5PM
11/2 Jolly’s Catering 5PM
11/8 Mr. Puebla Tacos 5PM
11/9 Big Mike’s BBQ 5PM
11/10 King’s Authentic Philly 5PM
11/15 Poblanos 5PM
11/16 Rare Earth Farms 5PM
11/17 Thai Box Zing 5PM
11/18 CockaDoodleMoo 1PM

11/21 The Wandering Moose 5PM
11/24 Getting’ Sauced 5PM
11/29 Hale Yeah Kitchen 5PM
11/30 454 Grill 5pm

Like and follow us to find out more about events near you.


Maggie and I have always shared the same passion for hosting friends and family around our table. Nothing makes us happier than a dining room full of people enjoying a delicious meal together… and of course mason jars full of their favorite beverage. We want The Mason Jar Tavern to be that place for you and your friends and family.

Whether you find yourself at our table after a hard day at work, a more than usually difficult day with the kids, or simply looking for a place to grab a bite, we hope you find our restaurant welcoming and exciting. We hope you will come to know that at TMJT, “… Your jar is always full.” We hope the brewery taproom and our beer will be an extension of that experience. Whether you enjoy Mason Jar Lager Co beer at your home with friends, your favorite local bar, or at a social event, we hope you experience “a taste of southern hospitality.”



The same great quality and southern hospitatlity you find in our lager company is available in the food industry! The Mason Jar Tavern is a place to enjoy a delicious meal in the company of friends and family.